Open call for Thirteen (13) candidates for a three-month apprenticeship programme

  • 6 August 2015

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Project: Strengthening youth inclusion and public participation in decision making;

Activity 6: Supporting initiatives for youth to understand direct decision and policy making through apprenticeships and dialogue


Youth public participation in decision making is guaranteed and promoted through a relatively detailed and comprehensive normative and policy framework that regulates youth empowerment and participation in Kosovo. This framework includes theLaw on “Empowerment and Participation of Youth”; four Administrative Instructions (AIs); the Youth Strategy that sets priorities and goals for the period 2013-2017; and the Youth Action Plan that covers the period 2013-2015.

Young people have rights and opportunities for influence on decision and policy making either directly or through existing representative bodies and civil society organizations.

Nonetheless, youth is often unable to exercise its rights and fulfill its responsibilities regarding involvement in decision making. Reasons are two-fold: on one hand, youth may lack awareness, capabilities, knowledge, technical skills and experience required; on the other hand there are limited opportunities provided by central and local level institutions to involve youth in decision and policy making. As a result young people are discouraged or excluded from exercising the right of participation and become isolated from the realm of decision making.

OSCE promotes youth participation in decision and policy making processes through a hands-on participatory approach, based on the learning-by-doing principle and with the aim of equipping youth with adequate transferable skills and knowledge.OSCE will support the organization of a three-month apprenticeship programme for 13 young personsbetween 20 and 24 years old, in cooperation with various ministries[1]. The aim of the programme is to directly involve young persons at thestrategic, planning and executive level of work of major decision and policy making institutions and acquaint them with the latter’s mandate, scope of work, duties and responsibilities.

The apprentices will be placed in various offices/divisions/departments within the co-operating ministries based on their profile and interest but also in accordance with the needs and hosting capacities of the ministries. Mentoring of the apprentices will be carried out by selected staff of the offices/divisions/departments within the co-operating ministries, under the overall coordination of the OSCE Public Participation Section (PPS) project team. The apprenticeship programme will be preceded by brief training sessions delivered jointly by the OSCE project team and the ministries’ staff and will focus but will not be limited at: legal framework, consultation process during drafting of legal and sub-legal acts, review processes, monitoring and outreach, planning and programming, evaluation, research and policy papers drafting etc.

The apprenticeship programme will conclude with a conference, where apprentices will present what they have learned and what their contribution during their tour to their respective duty stations was.

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