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  • 29 August 2014

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Memory Mapping Project   “Memory mapping Kosovo- Contested Memories” program is a place to connect, create, change, explore, question, share and learn. A place to be entertained and inspired. A place to explore the past and re-invent the future. With these events we aim at bringing together the diverse voices of students, civil society activists and artists. We believe the program is important for interested individuals in exploring the past and achieving future success as creativity, innovation, learning and sharing are the strategic tools for our future. To date four ateliers have been held:

1. “Between the Materiality, Textuality and Performativity of the Past”, 27th June, 2014. Agenda Atelier 1
2. “Private and Public Memory – Between Archive and Participation”, 8th March, 2014. Agenda Atelier 2.
3 & 4. “Spaces of the State: From Socialism to Parallel Education”Atelier#3_4_Agenda


Run by:

  • ForumZFD
  • Alter Habitus
  • University Program for Gender Studies and Research/Institute for Social Studies and Humanities, University of Prishtina

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