Introduction and Welcoming Note

By the Editors: Vjollca Krasniqi and Iliriana Banjska


Dear readers:
Greetings from Prishtina and Welcome to the Blogging Platform: Gender Politics Online!


This a special moment for us. We hereby introduce this initiative, which brings online the dialogue on gender equality. The discussion on this platform takes on board gender issues as envisioned in the framework of Beijing+20. The editors and students who are committed to bring about gender equality and social justice from the University of Prishtina have decided to create an online archive that deals with gender equality and women’s empowerment. It will focus on issues of gender and representation in decision-making, the economy, education, health, as well as on gender based violence, among other issues. Another objective is providing a social media platform for prominent women in the Budva Process, active female politicians from Kosovo and Serbia, for the exchange of information and views on gender related issues as well as making part of it public. This is an open space for a broad range of actors: citizens, political leaders, academics, and artists, among others. It is open to different publics, towomen and men from all walks of life, to express their concerns related to gender equality, and to conveytheir hopes, views and proposals for an equal and just society.


The deep transformations we are witnessing today, including those induced by the internet, have opened up new possibilities for public communication, dialogue, imagination and creativity in our communities now and in the future. Alas, women and gender issues remain under-represented andless visible on the internet today. We are cognizant of the fact that online platforms and news commentaries are dominated by men. There is ample empirical evidence demonstrating that women who wish to be heard online are compelled to adopt male pseudonyms when commenting on web platforms. This strategy is intended to avoid gender stereotyping and abuse.


Against this backdrop, we aim to provide a venue for women and all who are concerned about gender equality and social justice to be heard through at least four blogs a month on relevant issues. We believe this to be a step towards democratizing online platforms, as well as politics and culture, where suppression of gender identity, sexuality, and women’s voices is rendered unacceptable.


Should you have issues to discuss, ideas and proposals towards betterment of our societies and gender equality, please feel free to join our blogging platform. You are welcomed wholeheartedly!

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Let us build a vibrant dialogue on gender equality!





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