Gender and Post-War Justice in Kosovo

  • 2 February 2017

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Special Research in Progress E+ Seminar by Vjollca Krasniqi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Prishtina

Start date Thursday, 2 February 2017, 13:00
End date Thursday, 2 February 2017, 14:00
Location Room 4.01

       International Institute of Social Studies



       The presentation focuses on gender and transitional justice in Kosovo. Transitional justice is a vehicle for addressing issues of war guilt and responsibility for war crimes through the process of “retribution” and “restoration.” The presentation will examine women’s demands for justice and truth and against forgetting war and the effects it had on the lives of women and their communities.

     Retributive tribunals are a good starting point to deal with the past, punishing the wrongdoers, and delivering justice. They are, however, not sufficient to help societies that have undergone war to move forward in peacetime. It will argue that restorative approaches to justice are significant not only because they involve a greater number of people but because they entail remembering, commemorating and public staging of suffering and loss. Restorative mechanisms may help achieve healing, a precondition for a future without violence. They also contribute to acknowledgement of women’s survival and enhance plural understanding of how war, as a physical and emotional experience of collective violence, is gendered.

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