Empowering Women through Social Media


Egzona Azemi

There are a number of factors that can support women’s participation in decision- making. Civil society and media themselves can play a significant role in promoting gender equality policy development, men as allies can also support women’s movements and initiatives in their efforts towards gender equality. The Beijing Platform for Action emphasized that “without the perspective of women at all levels of decision – making, the goals of equality, development and peace cannot be achieved.”

A lot of women continue to struggle to get into decision – making positions but there are still different factors in today’s society that can impede on that. So how can all of us join efforts and try to change this?

Social media has transformed the landscape of information and the relationship between citizens and governments and has proved to be a powerful vehicle for bringing women’s rights issues to the attention of a wider public and encouraging policy makers to step up commitments to gender equality all over the world. Media in Kosovo can also effectively include women’s voices in decision – making processes, they can provide role models by disseminating media materials on women leaders, who bring to their positions of leadership many different life experiences, but not limited to their experiences in balancing work and family responsibilities, as mothers, as managers, as professionals and as entrepreneurs.

Nowadays civil society is closely linked with platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, they allow people to retransmit events live to a broad online audience. These channels and networks can be used effectively to eliminate the gender based stereotyping that can be found in public and private, local, national and international media organizations even so in society.

Increasing women’s participation in decision making at all levels of media and society mkaes it possible to develop a gender perspective on all issues of concern to communities, consumers and civil society. This should go hand in hand with the empowerment of women by enhancing their skills, knowledge and access to information technology.

So while we are so connected through social media and technology we can use this as an effective lever to amplify women’s voices and identify strategies to better facilitate their impact on decision making processes.


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