Biology or conformity?


Angjella Ibishaj


A society tries to carry and maintain its roots through new generations especially when it comes to honor and morality. The normal and abnormal go to extremes by injecting in the generations’ minds patriarchal theories.

Children in Kosovo since primary school are taught to consider society as divided into two major groups, where the basic characteristic is gender. So, we get used to divide the population by the genders of male and female, by their genital organs, which are established from before birth with a special mission – reproduction. The Biology book of 9th class makes no exceptions; you are either a woman or a man.

There isn’t a special place for the confused ones, that group of people who are born with organs of both parties. They’re considered to have been born with defects, thus they’re in need of a cure. For as long as they do not have the organs which society considers ‘sex’, their sex is definitely determined by medicine from the moment they’re born.

During puberty, you can only be females and males and by that let us understand is that in society there is no other gender. The importance given to heteronormativity is obvious; especially when it is said during this phase the female sex develops sympathy towards male sex, and vice versa (Biology 9, 2010). By emphasizing these attractions, other sexual orientations automatically are considered abnormal and outside the rules of society.

As if it wasn’t enough, the male sex is reminded that mustache (sign of maturity) starts to grow, a process which is also present in women. However, that doesn’t matter. The superior physical strength of males is emphasized by comparing the anatomy – the skeleton and muscles.

This textbook, which should be based on verified facts excludes a significant group of society, it excludes people with intersex conditions.

This “democratic” capitalist system with deeply patriarchal embedded values, has found an extremely good way to brainwash new generations. First, by convincing that marriage is the most obvious way to present to the society the maturity of the man. Also it’s worth to tell the biologists opinion for humanity:

“Njeriu i pjekur I pranon vlerat morale dhe vlerat e tjera të shoqërisë si dhe sillet në perputhje me to”(Biologjia 9, fq. 141, 142)

(“The mature man accepts the moral values and other values of the society and acts in accordance with them”) (Biology 9, pp. 141, 142)

This approach clearly teaches new generations that only the individuals who accept the system as it is are accounted as capable to serve society.


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